Home Adaptations for Independent Living

What size projects will you work on?

We work on both large and small projects and will work with you regardless

of the size of your project. We can help to install simple safety devices, such as grab bars and stair railings, widen a single doorway, or completely adapt your entire home for accessibility. The choice is yours.

How expensive are your services?

Our design services are fee based. Once we know the extent of the work to be done, we can quote an exact fee for your plan. Many low cost modification options require no design work at all. We also recommend a variety of products and layouts in order to find solutions for every budget. We will be better able to give you a specific dollar amount for each service once we know your project's scope.

  I already have an assessment from my health care professional.

Is this enough for you to work with?

We will act as a liason between you and your health care professional in determining the most effective solution for you. 

Do I have to use one of your contractors?

No. We do have a group of "preferred" contractors who are skilled at

accessibility modifications. However if you prefer, we can help you obtain and evaluate other contractor bids. Our job is to supervise whichever contractor you choose so as to implement the design you've approved.  

Will you provide financing for my project?

While HomeSmart does not provide financing for any project, we can suggest possible funding sources that might be available to you. Funding will vary by location but there are many options including assistance from not-for-profit organizations, government monies, the Veterans Administration, reverse mortgage funding, and long term care insurance. We are happy to discuss all funding options with you.

I'd like to help my mother who lives in Florida make some safety

modifications to her home but I live in NY. Can you help us?

We often work with family members who live out of state. We make every effort to include long distance relatives in each step of the modification process. Our goal is to take a project from start to finish with minimal stress and disruption to our clients and their families. 

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